How to take care of your keys

There are many things we lose on a daily basis: pens, umbrellas, lighters and scarves are just some of the ordinary things everyone loses at least once a year. While keys are not enlisted at such a high rate among the objects that get lost, they do get lost pretty regularly, while other times they may get stolen. And if you don’t do the necessary precautions, then you may easily be in a pretty unpleasant situation when it happens to you. Let’s see some of the best ways to avoid losing your keys and calling an emergency locksmith service and some of the must-dos for the time when you still do.

1.) Store your keys in a separate place in your bag

Many people tend to lose their keys because they don’t keep them in a secure place. They keep them in their pockets or elsewhere from where they can easily come out once they take out any other things from their bags or handbags. To avoid this, always try to store your keys in one single place that’s zip protected. This way your keys won’t fall out even if your bag hangs open upside down.

2.) Never have all your keys on one chain

This is a common mistake many do, but especially if you have keys to more properties, such as office, flat 1 and flat 2, never store them on one chain. This way even if you lose one, you have a higher chance to have the others.

3.) Make sure you have a spare key somewhere easily accessible

Either it’s your car , your office or any other place you can easily access even if you lose your keys, make sure you keep a separate set somewhere else than your home. This way, if you close yourself out you can still get a spare key relatively easily.

4.) Have a close friend or relative a spare set of keys

This is the best solution especially when you are aware that you have the tendency to lose your things every once in a while. This is a great solution but only if the said relative or friend doesn’t live too far from you.

5.) Keep a spare key in your garden camouflaged

If you happen to have a garden or any sort of outdoor patio with plants you can easily hide a spare key somewhere which only you remember, You should hide it well however and make sure you do remember where you have hidden it else the whole plan will not work out.

6.) Have your keys on a keychain

Keychains may sound childish but don’t forget, it’s with a good reason there are so many handbags which come with a keychain by default. You can also buy a separate one if you want to have your keys in your trousers or jeans and even look trendy in the process. This is a sure solution not to lose them even if you have one drink too much in the evening.