How to protect your keys

We all have them as they serve to let us in and out from our home, office or even vehicles. And as they are small they have the tendency to get lost, to fall out from our pockets or to slide in places from where no one could get them again. Guess what we are talking about? If you thought we mean keys then you are much right. In this article we would like to suggest a couple of ways for you to ensure you don’t need to call an emergency locksmith service , even if your keys get lost, stolen or simply fall out of your pocket or handbag during the night. We hope these tips will be handy for you

Tip Nr 1: always have at least one extra set of keys at home and in your office

This way should the accident of losing your keys occur close to either one of these places, then you have a higher chance to get your keys.

Tip Nr 2: Do not keep all your keys together

Many people fall into the category to be keen on keeping everything in one place or held together, no matter we talk about a wallet or a set of keys. This however has a very high risk, because once these get stolen, everything goes. Therefor we highly advise you to keep your keys to each one of the places separately. This way, if one set of keys get lost or stolen, you still have the other set which would let you in kept safely in your office or at another chosen place.

Tip Nr 3: have a security set of keys with a trusted person

Either it’s an old friend or a relative of yours, it’s highly advised to keep one security set of keys with them, should anything occur or you end up being without your keys.

Tip Nr 4: hide an entrance door key by your door

But not under the rug, neither inside a pot as these are all places so common and so convenient that most burglary won’t even need much of a practice or time to break in in a home: it’s enough for them to check all the regular hiding places then let themselves in. No, the best trick is to camouflage your keys and either hide them in the garden or patio area or somewhere where no one would think of. The only thing you need to make sure is that you yourself would not forget where exactly you have your keys hidden.

Tip Nr. 5: if your lock is definitely old, have it changed

Because it’s better to do before a potential break-in occurs. This way you will not only get a brand new lock, but you would also get two or more fresh sets of keys to it, along with a warranty. While emergency locksmith services can be at a high rate, it’s definitely useful to have the contact phone of a 44/7 locksmith in your area, should any situation occur.