Locksmith general services

This is a brief overview of what a professional locksmith company generally does these days apart from the regular locksmith emergency services most of them are known for. As you will see their services are way more complex than the repairing of a broken lock or installing a new one.

  • Installation of the latest electro mechanical lock systems:

    When it comes to the latest generation of lock systems then it’s definitely about the new electro mechanical lock systems most of which can also be remotely controlled either with the help of an application or with the help of another type of remote control system. A good locksmith can help you decide which is best for you in terms of safety and handling difficulties.

  • Installation of lock systems working with key, card or biometric operating system:

    A modern locksmith has to be familiar and up to date with the latest trends, especially if they work for larger companies which are using a touch on card entrance systems or hotels which use a stick-in card system to unlock doors. With the biometric locks being the latest generation of extra secure locks, all these systems are widely used either by civilians, offices or governmental bodies for extra security. While most locksmiths have their general area of expertise it’s best to find one who is familiar with most of the modern systems and their working methodology as well.

  • Installation of locks which are in compliance with BS & EN standards

    This refers to English mortice and cylinder types of locks which work with keys that is compliant with the EU standard that’s cited by most home insurers and generally referred to as BS 3621. It’s essential that a lock is thief resistant and is a generally accepted lock by the home insurers. Otherwise if a robbery happens it is not guaranteed that you will be paid for any of your financial losses.

  • Working with locks not just for entrance doors

    Many of us tend to forget that there are many more locks to deal with than entrance door locks. Some of the most common examples include garage locks, shutters, windows, and locks on cabinets, post boxes and even on home safe. There are locksmiths who specialize on one or more of these locks while others can provide overall services to each one of these.

  • Working with antique locks

    There are tons of old and even antique buildings the doors of which would only work with their own lock system. Should this be changed, it would hurt the whole integrity of a building. There are locksmiths who are specialized on handling and repairing antique locks, along with their custom made keys. This is a job which requires tons of knowledge and expertise therefore be aware of getting a locksmith who has references on working with antique locks and doors.

    We hope that you found this list interesting. As you can see, there is so much more to locksmith service than one would think and it’s definitely useful to get one good locksmith in your contact list because you never know when you may need one in the future,